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We learned so much last year using this text on Human Anatomy. It worked very well with multiple levels. Our family meets with another family to share in our homeschooling every other Friday. Both of our families decided to purchase and use this curriculum. We read a chapter every two weeks and then met to discuss and do various some of the activities and experiments together. We also used this time draw some of the diagrams in the book and label them. Since three of the kids using this were eighth graders, we did expand on some topics to go a little more in depth, but mostly we just expected a higher level in their oral and written narrations. We also had a great review time at the end of the year where each child chose a topic from the year and presented a report/review for the whole group. Another way we expanded it was to read a biography of a scientist in this field. It was a great year of learning and we are glad we chose this book.

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Wonderful narrative style, links to online resources, activities to reinforce concepts throughout the lessons
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