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We have used Apologia science in our homeschool for several years. The books each cover only one topic and are written in a very chatty style. I find the books to be very wordy. Also, since only one topic is covered in each book, my children get tired of that topic by the end of the year.
The books are Christian-based and have information about creation and finding evidence of a Creator through the study of science.
Overall, my children enjoy reading through the books and looking at the pictures. However, we find the amount of information about each topic to be very overwhelming. My children retain very little of what we read in the books. This is why we use the books as a read aloud and not as our main science curriculum.
I really think these books are best when used with an older elementary-aged child due to the large amount of information in the books.
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Comprehensive, colorful
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Maybe - better for older elementary
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