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Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
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After years of using another similar math curriculum, I began to see problems once our kids reached high school math levels. The DVD lecture explained a couple of problems, but sometimes the problems didn't seem to match up well with the math page for the day. I had struggles myself in math, so everyone was very frustrated. Then, I discovered Teaching Textbooks, and it was like all our problems (literally!) were solved. I had our math-loving son take pre-algebra all over again with TT, and he began understanding concepts that he didn't with the other program, and discovered the "why" behind other concepts that he seemed to understand fairly well before. We have 5 children and immediately switched them all to TT that same year, and have had dramatic differences. The lecture is fantastic, but then it goes one step further. If you miss a problem, it will ask you if you want to have the solution explained. Then they will break the problem step by step, with a visual demonstration where needed. That extra explanation truly made all the difference for us, because those problems that they needed help with, they actually got help with. Those problems that they got correctly, they were able to move on from. This program has been great for both our math-loving kids, as well as our math-"not loving" kids. :-) Can't say enough about it!
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