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My children play both the free side of SKrafty as well as participate in the classes. Their favorite classes are the ones where they are engaged with leaders and it is interactive.... with their Absolute FAVORITE being Government. They will remember the different types of government because they "lived" through each type right there on Minecraft! BRILLIANT! I would love to see more classes like this.

But the best thing about SKrafty is that I can trust it to be safe for my children to play on. The moderators and admins are wonderful to deal with ... but the Filters are TIGHT! So even the word "hate" is not allowed. I love that I don't have to worry about who or what they will be exposed to on SKrafty. It is a blessing for our family... and we highly recommend it!
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Minecraft, HEAVILY Moderated, Chat Filters, SAFE, Kiddos LOVE it!
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