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Seekers of the Lost Boy
Curriculas 3170
I bought two books as well as the unit study for my two girls. I read it first on e book while we were waiting for our parcel. I loved it and couldn't wait for my girls to read it. When they got their own books, they couldn't put it down. They read it through within days. The younger of the two is not a natural reader. She loved reading "seekers". The content of the book is well thought through and discusses a whole lot of relevant topics such as forgiveness, humility, love and then also covers subjects such as geography, history, biology in the South African environment. The book also gives a good insight into a homeschooling environment and definitely shows the reader the amazing opportunities and different ways to approach the wonderful world of homeschooling your child. "Seekers of the lost boy" is truly a heartwarming story which will definitely have you thinking about very important life questions. A must read for all ages.
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