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Out of four kids only one cared a lick for Saxon, and it was the kid who finds it entertaining to see how different publishers teach different concepts. She enjoys math in general, and could easily work through two lessons a day in spite of using the placement test. She also said the varied problem sets was the most interesting part. I put her in something else for prealgebra and we never looked back. After they sat on my shelf collecting dust for a few years, "just in case" one of the younger kids would like them, I gave them away to a public school family who needed more practice for their kids.

I will say that it was thorough, and there was definitely a logic to the mixed problem sets. The sets seemed a good volume to me, not too large or too small. For kids that enjoy math in general I would absolutely look elsewhere.
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easy to use, very inexpensive on the used market
dry as chalkdust
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