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Because it is a mastery-based program, and not all students do well with this, here are some thoughts.

- two of my students took a couple years in the program to begin showing the retention I was hoping for when meeting a new chapter they hadn't seen since the year before. The retention began to be LONG TERM, though, rather than short term. And that impressed me. So the time commitment: I think that's just fine. But know that math is a process and this program is excellent. It's okay to stay the course.

- I also just learned a new thing this year. I dog ear pages that seem long and difficult but still important. I also dog ear the review sections at the end of each chapter. Then I do 1-2 problems per day from these sections before going to the new material for the day. I also have no problem letting a child bog down/slow down in a chapter (moving slowly) while flipping to another fresh chapter so there is some speed somewhere.

- I am so impressed with this program. With the little adaptations I make to suit my family (which the author recommends as she knows that nothing is one size fits all), I never ever want to switch. I have used this for four children. My oldest using it went perfectly prepared into Algebra. My next struggles with math, but it absolutely learning. My next two are a year ahead in this and flying through. It suits the slower learners and the quick learners. The skills taught are wonderful. The methods are terrific. The mental acuity and comprehension it creates are fabulous.
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Excellent progressions. Excellent explanations. Problems are true to real life. Problems are interesting. I feel this is an incredibly written program with potential for any child.
The pages have a lot of writing on them, which is intimidating to most of my students. I solve this problem by using a blank piece of paper, referring myself to the explanation page and going through the new material with my child on the blank piece of pa
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