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A lot of people don't quite understand that in the younger years it is meant to teach concepts and the books are meant to be gone through more than once. You are to practice math facts separately. This can be accomplished through games, flash cards, and everyday life tasks. We even reinforce basic fractions and fraction conversion understanding through cooking. It is a rigorous curriculum without being complicated and boring. It seems too easy to many only because it is explained properly and easy to understand. For most maths it's more important to understand the concept thoroughly through explanation than to do endless problems hoping that the student "gets it" after problem 6,423. I have 2 highly gifted children and 2 average children and they all love it. The older three went from hating math to loving it and my youngest who has only ever done LoF tells everyone that math is her favorite subject. If you feel your child wants or needs extra worksheet practice you can simply get some smile workbooks. It is our only math curriculum and we absolutely love it!!:)
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Wonderful explanations, tons of interesting side facts, covers every area of math and makes it fun and simple.
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