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I found Life of Fred to be a great in between for my daughter. She was hating math and struggling. After many different curriculums, I went with LOF. My daughter loved the stories and enjoyed doing math. We did Apples through Goldfish, but then she couldn't keep up with the math facts and really struggled. I felt like we couldn't move on, because she couldn't get the facts down. If you read one lesson per day, it can move too quickly once you get to learning the facts. We had to stop using LOF at that point and move onto something else.

NOTE: If your child is sensitive LOF may not be good for him/her. Fred's parents are dead. His father was an alcoholic and didn't take care of him. His mother died diving into a pool and in a later book, the rate of her fall is actually a math problem. I found that to be rather morbid.
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