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Junior Analytical Grammar
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For a simple, fairly short course on the basic parts of speech, you can't go wrong with Junior Analytical Grammar. It's straight to the point, no fluff, and gets the job done.

There are 11 units, which each last one week. Each unit starts with explanations of the new concept. That's followed by exercises 1-3, which each have five sentences to mark with the new part of speech and all the other parts already covered, a few or three to answer or fill in the blank, and simple diagramming. Exercise 4 involves usage and has a small paragraph assignment. The fifth day has a test to end the unit.

My kids used it because I wanted their grammar sturdy, but I didn't want to give it a large amount of time in our schedule. They also get grammar in their language studies and their writing books cover bits too. JAG fit the bill and got the job done. The only complaint we had was it could get a bit monotonous or boring after awhile. Every unit looks alike and the sentences were fairly canned. Since it only lasts for eleven weeks this was a non-issue in the long run.

Two thumbs up.
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super easy to use, super easy to grade, effective
a little boring, but it's straight grammar, so...
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