Introductory Logic

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Introductory Logic

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Logic is foundational for helping students excel in every subject they study, from math and science to rhetoric and humanities. This logic homeschool curriculum DVD course will teach students eighth grade and up the fundamentals of thinking well.

This course isn’t just a supplement for a logic class – it brings a skilled logician with more than twenty years of teaching experience right into your home. James Nance walks you through every lesson in his bestselling Introductory Logic homeschool curriculum: definitions, logical statements, fallacies, syllogisms, and much more, not to mention practice tests and other helps for those learning at home.

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My son used this with a coop class and loved this book. Since I did not walk him through the course, I am not sure about how easy it is to use, but helping him when he was stuck was not difficult with the teacher's manual.

Over a year later, he still explains arguments using the things he learned from this book. Now another son will work through this book and the intermediate one this year.
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helps students build strong arguments and see holes in other's logic
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