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Here to Help Learning
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I HIGHLY recommend Here to Help Learning. Mrs. Mora is a passionate, exceptional writing teacher whose humor will immediately grasp your child's attention. She integrates some basic grammar into the lesson as well. For example, my daughter was learning about nouns, verbs, and adjectives during game time. She also learned how to change "dead words" or overused words to more interesting, descriptive words. Captain Knucklehead explains homework assignments in simple terms and cracks my daughter up. I have seen my daughter's writing improve while using this program and she really likes the curriculum components. The writing process is woven into the lessons for each unit project. There are six major projects per course. Paragraph Writing Level 1 was the perfect fit for my 8-year-old. The picture writing prompts encourage students to get ideas down on paper. The pictures are very interesting and silly at times. I loved hearing my daughter's creative stories. You can always not time the session if children get intimidated using it. Children write at their own level so this program can be easily used with multiple children. She enjoys watching the video lessons which are full of costumed characters. The program is easy-to-use and requires very little teacher or parent prep. You only work twice a week too!
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Passionate teacher; Ease of Use
Timed writing may frustrate younger learners, but you can eliminate the use of a timer during the picture writing prompt sessions.
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Yes, I HIGHLY recommend to all homeschool families.
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