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Grapevine Studies
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I love this Bible learning curriculum. All it does is teach the Bible, but it does not include any doctrine. It focuses on the text it's self, what it says, and the people in the text. As a teacher all you need to do is read over the passage ahead of time, but even if you don't the teacher's manual tells you what to ask and what to talk about. As far as the drawing, it's stick figures. If you can make a stick figure you can use this. There are a variety of levels you can choose for your children based on their abilities. Older studies have more to do while younger students have the option of tracing. This is a great fit for any family who wants to learn the Bible. This does *only* teach the Bible, so other subjects are up to you to teach.
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Easy to use with little prep. Any child of any age can do it. Goes through each subject throughly. Can be done with multiple ages at one time.
While scripted, it does take some prep work. Bible lessons only, not in any way a unit-study based curriculum.
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