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Reactive Attachment Disorder

Curriculum/Teaching Kids with Dyslexia (11/14/12)

How to Deal with Meltdown of  Children with EBD (Emotional Behavioral Disorders) (12/12/12)

Tics & Tourettes Syndrome (1/2/13)

Is it normal for a four and a half year old to have no recall skills? (1/9/13)

Gifted / Autism Spectrum (1/2/13)

Free/Inexpensive online resources for children with Autism (these can actually be done online) (2/13/13)

When Kids Are Sad to Leave Their Public School Friends (1/2/13)

School violence (1/2/13)

Dealing With A Child Bullying Their Siblings (1/9/13)

Sibling Rivalry Solutions (2/13/13)

When A Child Shuts Down (1/9/13)

Answer the “Socialization” Question (2/6/13)

Dealing With Verbal Apraxia & Possible curriculum Choices (2/20/13)

Curriculum for Early Elementary aged kids with ADD/Dyslexia & Younger (6/17/13)

More Curriculum Ideas for Elementary Kids with Dyslexia (6/17/13)

Help dealing with an introverted perfectionist child (8/29/13)

Practical Tips for Schedules, Patience & Motivating a Child Who Doesn’t Want to do the Work (9/9/13)

Helping the Child Who is Afraid to Fail (9/16/13)


For Parents:

How to get Dad more involved in Homeschooling

Being the Step Mom (1/2/13)

Encouragement for moms with young sons who have a bad attitude (1/2/13)

Encouragement & Support For Deciding to Homeschool & Opting out of Things Like Outisde Pre-K (4/17/13)

Homeschooling a Child With ADHD & Keeping Your Sanity (5/7/13)

Encouragement for moms with children who are reluctant and uncooperative about homeschooling (8/22/13)


Pertaining to “Those Days” and Tough Emotional Times:

Holiday Blues (11/28/12)

Feeling Isolated & Under Appreciated (11/28/12)

Post-Partum (11/28/12)

Those “Yelling” Days (12/19/12)

Pre-teen Boys & Negative Attitudes (2/25/13)