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 High School

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Cyber-Schooling Options

Secular Curriculum Choices (12/20/12)

Homeschool Teens & Organization (1/2/13)

Helping a Teen stay Focused and Motivated (1/2/13)

Listening to Music/Headphones While Doing Schoolwork (1/9/13)

College Plus (1/23/13)

What Does a Typical Day Look Like (2/6/13)

For Homeschooled Children With a Desire to Enter the Military (2/13/13)

Places to Get a Printed High School Diploma (2/20/13)

Resources for High School Transcripts (2/20/13)

Cheap or FREE Curriculum (3/12/13)

Applying for Scholarships (3/8/13)

Incentives Used for Middle School Aged Kids (7/8/13)

Transition From Heart of Dakota for High School (7/22/13)

Number of Hours Spent Homeschooling High School Per Day (8/24/13)


English/Language Arts:

High School English Curriculum (6/17/13)

Grammar Programs for Teens (9/10/13)



History Options (12/5/12)

U.S. History/Government/Economics Options (12/19/12) & Government (5/28/13)

Greek Mythology (5/28/13)

High School History/Social Studies (6/20/13)



Teaching Textbooks for Jr/Sr High (1/9/13)

Is Teaching Textbooks Enough for Solid SAT Scores? (2/20/13)

Options for Consumer/Business Math (1/9/13)



Biology video course options for teens (1/2/13)

Physics Options (1/16/13)



Teaching Agriculture (11/7/12)

Courses/Topics to Fulfill High School Electives (12/19/12)

Homeschool Photography Curriculum (2/13/13)

Nutrition Course Suggestions (2/20/13)

Options for Latin (3/13/13)

Using Dave Ramsey For Homeschool Finance Course (3/20/13)

Resources for Teaching Note Taking & Study Skills (6/3/13)

Beginning Philosophy (6/20/13)

Home Economics Options (7/22/13)