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Christian based Language Arts

Explode the Code online vs. print books (11/20/12)

Five In A Row & Beyond Five In A Row (11/14/12)

Shurley English (7/30/13)

Sing, Spell, Read (12/5/12)

Time4Learning (1/2/13)



Teaching Grammatical Structure

Unschooling Grammar (1/2/13)

Elementary Grammar (1/2/13)

Help With Sentence Diagramming (2/20/13)

IEW vs. BJU Grammar (6/14/13)

Online Grammar Sites (7/9/13)



Writing (tips/resources for helping boys, specifically)

Writing program for middle and upper elementary (11/20/12)

Programs to type & print on primary writing paper (12/5/12)

What to do when your child breaks their writing hand (1/2/13)

Cursive Handwriting Options (5/13/13)

Writing Program Suggestions (7/12/13)

Essentials in Writing – Grammar Content (7/16/13)

Writing Curriculum Resources for Children With Dysgraphia and/or Really Struggle With the Task of Writing (8/29/13)



6th/7th Grade (and many others) Spelling Curriculum Suggestions (11/7/12)

Free Spelling Curriculum & Games for Early Elementary Grades (1/9/13)

Comparing All About Spelling, Spell to Write and Read, and Sing, Spell, Read, and Write (6/14/13)

8th grade Spelling/Vocabulary (6/17/13)

Making spelling fun and engaging for early elementary aged kids (9/6/13)


Story books and movies that feature homeschoolers

Pathways Reading Series (11/7/12)

Testing Words Per Minute and Reading Level (11/14/12)

Reading The Diary of Anne Frank  (12/12/12)

Resources to Accompany the Little House Series (1/2/13)

To Teach or Not to Teach Phonics (1/9/13)

Reluctant Early Elementary Aged Readers Who Know How to Read Well, but Won’t (1/15/13)

Using Bob Books to Teach Reading (1/23/13)

DVD or CD Based Letter Sounds/Learning to Read (1/23/13)

Free reading Assessment  (2/13/13)

Chapter Book Study Guides (6/20/13)

Critical Thinking Curriculum (6/14/13)

Elementary Learning to Read Curriculum (6/17/13)

All About Reading vs. the Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading (8/26/13)


Book Recommendations:

Girl or Gender Neutral 3rd/4th Grade Chapter Books

“Must Reads” for Your 1st Grader (1/23/13)

Books For Boys

Good Beginner Chapter Books for 8(ish) year old boys (1/2/13)

Conservative Christian book list for teens (1/2/13)

7th & 8th Grade Boys (1/29/13)

Early Readers with a Christian/Moral Focus (6/20/13)

Classic Literature Read-A-louds for young kids (preK – elementary) (8/31/13)