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I have been homeschooling for 14 years now, and I have never read something so quite like Teaching From Rest. She addresses the stress we all feel about "Is my child doing enough/ am I doing enough/ are they on grade level/ she won't finish her math book on time". As mom of 5 children ages 7-18, I completely felt understood (Sarah has 6, including twins!) in my constant doubts and frustrations of "keeping everyone on track". Sarah breathed fresh life into our homeschool, and made me feel energized and excited about homeschooling, but with a fresh vision. Rather than piling more things on our plate (we must finish that handwriting book by May!), we learn to take some things off (such as doing 12 subjects every. single. day.). Sarah takes us by the hand and shows us the beauty and value of doing fewer things, but with more peace and purpose. What a gift Sarah has been to our homeschoool!
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