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Bible Study Guide for All Ages
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We've been using this as our homeschooling Bible study for our kindergartener. We love it! When I ask our son what his favorite subject is, he always says it's the Bible! There are a few extra options you can purchase (cards, CD, etc) and we only purchased the CD as an extra to the book. Personally, I don't care for the CD (the singing is acapella and not great quality imo) so we may listen to the songs one or twice then skip it. But no complaints! The stories about the children are relevant to our 5yo and while he's already been familiar with the stories we've talked about thus far, he's learning more details about them. I do love the question review of previous Bible stories to make sure it sticks! All in all, we love it and will continue to use this curriculum without the "extras"- just need a Bible, the book and some crayons!
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