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We are just wrapping up the chapter on Jupiter so we're very near the end. We have really taken our time with this curriculum so it will extend to the whole year. You could finish it much sooner. Each chapter gives you activities and ideas for further learning. My oldest could read this on her own (fifth grade) but I chose to read aloud so my struggling 3rd grade reader and my preschooler could all join in. I love that many different ages and grades can absorb this information. My 4-year-old son has even learned quite a lot just from listening. Be aware that there is a lot of vocabulary, of course. I'm not heavy into memorizing dates/names but I do want them to understand the vocabulary (i.e. the difference between an asteroid and a comet) so it makes sense. I would definitely recommend this and when my three younger children are in school, we will be doing this curriculum study with them as well.
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