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Horizons Math
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I have used Horizons math from K-6 with one child. She is good at math and recently decided she didn't want to use Horizons anymore, so halfway through 6th grade, she switched to Saxon 76. Her issues with Horizons began in the upper grades 4+ when she wanted more detailed explanations in the workbooks than what Horizons had to offer. I wasn't sure what to use, so we stayed with Horizons for a while until I found out that Saxon had those fantastic explanations that she was looking for. She is very happy with her switch to Saxon and so am I. I think Horizons is still a good math program, but for the next child I will only use it in K-3 and then switch to Saxon math 54.

Overall, the teacher manuals as well as the workbooks could definitely be stronger in the area of concept explanation. The workbooks are colorful, which is fun for younger children. I also liked that the program spiraled with the child working on 5 or so concepts per lesson.
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Advanced, Spirals
Lacking in Concept Explanation
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Yes, but Mainly for K-3
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