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Horizons Math
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I've used grade 1 through prealgebra with my kids so far. I love Horizons math! So simple to implement, builds up concepts on the stealth, short and effective lessons, keeps old concepts fresh, and my kids have quite easily taken their math skills elsewhere.

The small sets of several different types of problems/concepts keep the math interesting. My accelerated kids had no problem doubling lessons and just moving as fast as they like. The more average workers steadily plugged along at one lesson a day and did fabulous. Rather than one main concept at a time this has a few concepts that are steadily growing in little bites, and often stealthily in what looks like a review set. My kids have no idea how hard their math is ramping up while they work through it day after day.

A common con I hear is there isn't enough instruction in the teacher manual. The instruction in the student texts has been plenty for us. I only pick up the teacher manual to make grading completed lessons easier. The other common con is a complaint that it has too many problems or not enough review. Horizons has been right in the middle for us. My kids complete every problem of every exercise of every lesson. Their math skills are rock solid and unshakeable. The older two Horizons kids have since moved onto competition math and are thriving.
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Easy to use, effective, kids' skills are fabulous, no frills, did I mention effective?
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