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Horizons Math
Curriculas 6142
We use this program in our homeschool from K to 2nd grade. The worksheets are very colorful and the spiral method gives constant review of concepts for kids to learn. The teachers guide is easy to use and has a lot of additional things to add to the actual sheets, so be sure to follow the guide for the extras. The only thing is that about the middle of Level 1 and into Level 2 there are lots of problems and it really bogged down my guys who saw all the problems and felt discouraged. I ended up crossing out rows to adapt since I knew they had mastered the concepts and didn't need all that additional work. I also thought they introduced multiplication kind of early, but we were using another program for drilling facts so my guys were ready.
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  • 2
Colorful worksheets and Easy to Use
Lots of problems to do!
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