Adventures in Phonics

Adventures in Phonics

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Adventures in Phonics

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Adventures in Phonics is a series from Christian Liberty Press, this workbook introduces phonetic principles in a logical sequence. The consistent drills and repetition of concepts will help to ensure mastery as children learn the skills foundational to fluent reading abilities.

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My daughter started this book when she was still 4, she is 5 now and half-way though. She's reading 3-4 letter words and sentences. It starts off really easy and gradually increases the challenge. It includes handwriting practice as well as phonics and her handwriting has improved. I had to do it with her for the first 20 pages or so but now she can finish a page independently with a timer in 10-20 minutes (I set the timer for 20, but she finishes early). She enjoys the workbook and takes pride in her improving abilities. She's little so she only does a page a day. I am very happy with this workbook it is affordable and works perfectly.

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inexpensive, teaches to read, independent work possible.
Will need parent attention for first 20 pages or so.
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