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A couple of months ago I’d heard a lot of buzz about a new homeschool planner created by the author of one of my favorite homeschool blogs, Homeschool Creations. So when I was recently given the opportunity to try out the planner I literally couldn’t say yes fast enough!
The Homeschool Creations Weekly Homeschool Planner is an editable and reusable 142 page digital .pdf planner. It includes the following customizable planning pages:


12 Monthly Planning Pages
40 Weekly Planning & Journal Sheets
Preschool Planning Sheets
Field Trip & Event Plans
Yearly Curriculum Planning & Evaluation
Attendance Tracking Pages
Daily To-Do & Homeschool Contact Lists
Menu Planner
Customizable Chore Charts
Testing & Assessment Results Tracking
 Homeschool Requirement & Additional Note-Taking Space


I love that the creators of this planner have thought of just about everything it takes to make a homeschool run smoothly and efficiently. I also appreciate that this is a planner I can keep completely on my computer to save on ink and paper or print out the sheets I find to be more convenient for my organization style
The pages are well laid out, have ample writing space and are cute to boot! I have avoided buying planners in the past because I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on something that could only be used for one year – the Homeschool Creations Weekly Homeschool Planner solves that issue by being completely reusable and highly customizable. We all utilize different systems and curriculum plans and I think the author did a fantastic job of including those things specific to the homeschooling family while leaving enough room for each of us to personalize the pages. If you are in the market for an all-inclusive, customizable digital homeschool planner it’s my opinion that you cannot go wrong with this one!


Danielle is a born and raised, big-city Southern California girl recently and joyfully transplanted to a beautiful small town in Southeastern Montana! She’s married to her stud of a high school sweetheart and together they’re raising three handsome, rough and tumble young men. Their family loves the Lord and feel like homeschooling is just one of the many ways they have endeavored to give their whole lives to Christ. Danielle loves to read and doesn’t go anywhere without her Kindle! She also loves to cook, organize, hike in beautiful weather and spend entirely too much time playing with all things tech-ish. You can find her blogging at Organizational Hysteria.







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  1. I would like to win this but not for myself, for my friend Christina, She has had a rough road the past year..Her little one was diagnose with PDD(spectrum) and this past year of homeschooling was chaotic for her other two children…Her goal for this year was to get back to being organized , now that they baby was going into a program… If I win, I am going to bless my friend Christina with this gift…

    thank you for considering my story

  2. It seems like every other week I am revamping my own planner. I would love to have something already made and tried and true! 🙂

  3. I would love to win this. This is our first year homeschooling and already we’ve fallen into the trap of buying curriculum all at once only to find that some of it isn’t suited to my daughter’s learning style or isn’t what we expected it to be from the reviews and/or online samples. I really wanted to try a digital planner but with the costs I just didn’t want to get stuck with something else that didn’t work. Based on your review, maybe this will be just the thing that works for us.

  4. 1st of all, I’m already somewhat of a “disorganized” personality desperately needing to get organized, especially because this is my first year homeschooling and I have no idea where to start!!! I’ve got the “newbie” jitters–mostly because I can’t possibly imagine how I’m gonna accomplish all this teaching to my 5 yr old (oldest of 4 kids) as well as maintain our household (meals, cleaning, laundry, etc…). The Homeschool Planner will get me one step closer. 🙂 By HIs grace… Thanks for the chance!

  5. I would like to win because I just ordered a planner from CBD and it really stinks. :-/ It will “do” if I have to make it work- but I think I have learned that I need to be able to customize ANY planner out there because my needs are so unique. I have one daughter I am HS’ing and one son in PSEO. I don’t have a “brood” of children so I waste the multitudes of blanks dedicated for their specific info. I also need to have my homeschooling plan, my ministry plan (I run a Health Cooperative ministry), my family plan and my household plan in one simple, convenient spot… and unfortunately this planner just doesn’t cut-the-mustard. Sigh. Maybe if I win the contest I won’t feel so bad throwing the other one away? 🙂

  6. I am an organizational fanatic. I have been helping friends get organized this year by sharing my planner ideas with them. Although I was extremely excited about the planner I put together for this year, I am finding that it was not as well thought out as I had hoped for. I plan to just put next year’s in a binder, but if I could find a really cool planner (like this one sounds like it is), then I might redo this years planner and get back on track with being organized. Thanks for all that you do.

  7. I will be homeschooling for the first time this year. Before my husband (a US Marine) deployed to Afghanistan, we decided to homeschool because our daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, PDD NOS and mild OCD. Between his deployment (and everything that goes wrong after he leaves!), hurricane Irene and learning and prepping us and the house (LOTS of reading blogs, books and rearranging the house!) for our first year of homeschool, I honestly have not had the time to plan out lessons and such yet! This planner would help get me organized better so we can get busy homeschooling!
    Thanks in advance for reading and considering us for this great planner opportunity! 🙂


  8. This being my first year homeschooling, I find myself drowning in paperwork that I dont even know if its necessary. I find myself recording things in multiple different places of my ‘planner’. My planner is things I have typed up, printed, written out and… well its not user friendly or practical.. I lack in the organization department in a bad way. This would be the best thing for me to have the information that others know I am going to or could possibly need I one!

  9. I have been wanting to buy this for weeks, even though it is already priced VERY well, we just have not been able to swing it. I would love to win this so much! LOVE Confessions of a Homeschooler!

  10. I’m trying to stay organized, but haven’t been able to find something this nice and also keeping it affordable. I work full time, home school 2 children, one with special needs. Something to help juggle the education part at least would be wonderful.

  11. I would love to win this! I am addicted to planners, and trying to keep my young boys curriculums organized and our days running smoothly is a challenge! This looks like it would really help me!

  12. Being my first year of homeschool, I am having a little trouble getting organized so I would love to win this planner. It would be very beneficial for me and our family.

  13. This is my 3rd year Homeschooling but my 1st year doing it on my own. First 2 years I went through a Charter School so I could really use the organization…..I’m still trying to figure it out. 🙂 I really tend to lack in my organization skills.

  14. I would love to win this planner! I don’t have a planner yet this year, and would love one! I’m glad to hear it’s cute. Organization and cute…a winning combination! 🙂

  15. really need a new planner i have been surfing the web for two weeks looking for one that i would actually use! im the type of person who needs to organize things and keep them in order so i can see our progress everyday. would help out so much! thanks

  16. Ooo, I would love to win this planner. I have been looking for a ‘friendly’ homeschool calendar but have not found one other than the Mead 5 Star I have had for the past 2 years. Erasing that thing each year is a PAIN!! LOL I would rather having something that I can print as many items as needed or even do everytthing from my computer. Would be a great addition to our homeschool planning.

  17. I would like to win this as I homeschool 5 children, and find it tough to meet all their demands. It would be great to have a planner to help me!

  18. I would love to win this planner! I am currently schooling 4 children and find it quite challenging, so any help I can get would be a huge blessing!! =)

  19. I would love to win this planner! This is our first year of homeschooling and I need all the help I can get…. Thank you so much for this wonderful offer!

  20. I’d like one because we’re just getting started with our first preschooler, and I would love to find a way to organize well from the start rather than go through a dozen rounds of trial and error! 🙂

  21. Cool Planner! We travel a good 2-3 weeks out of the month to places all over the USA – We started to homeschool so we could be a family (husband travels for work) – Anyway, LOVE that this planner is paperless – one less thing to pack !!!!!

  22. I would love to win this planner! I am new to homeschooling a 4th & K grader, & organization is a challenge for sure. I hope I get better at it as I go, but this planner would head me down the right path. Thanks for this giveaway:)

  23. This would be such a blessing. We just started our first year homeschooling. Trying to keep everything in order and recorded in one spot can be a bit overwhelming.

  24. I am just starting the homeschooling journey and I am drowning. This planner is a great guide to begin with and the ability to change it to my needs as I get into the groove. My children are in need of learning and I am falling behind on their eagerness. This would be a fantastic help.

  25. I would love to win this planner because I have heard great things about and I would love to have something already made for me that I could use year after year.

  26. I have literally been looking this week for a new day planner! I just do not have anything that keeps us and our busy life! This planner would be so wonderful! It would help us out SO much!!!!!

  27. Anything to help me be more organized would be appreciated. I do try but things tend to become a jumbled mess pretty quickly.

  28. I would love to win because no more buying different planners trying to make them work. I love the idea of this planner! and I love Jolanthe!

  29. I so need this! I’ve added at “student” to our school this year, and some more enrichment activities, and it’s driving me nuts keeping up with everything!!

  30. I would love to win a planner that works year after year and I haven’t found the right one for our family that will work for me too for life along with homeschooling. Thanks for the chance!

  31. I’m new to homeschooling. Trying to decide if this is what I want for my family. Would love to check out an organizer so I can see different aspects that are involved in homeschooling.

  32. I have never used a planner and would like to try one, so if I win the planner I can see if this is something I would use in our homeschooling. We have been homeschooling 20+ years and have 12 yrs more to go unless our family grows lol

  33. I have never used a planner in all my 15 years of home school. I want to use it for the three that are still little. I have come to the point that I get turned around very easily and need a little help in focus. Some large families say this is the “it” tool for family calm!

  34. I am just starting out and a planner like this might be quite useful to keep me focused! I’m a terrible planner – especially without direction. Maybe this could point me on my path.

  35. I would like to win this because we are just starting out a preschool homeschool class for my youngest and want to really get her going on the right start. This is also going to be my first time homeschooling even though I am a 2nd grade teacher by day and I am a little nervous about teaching my own children.

  36. Looks like something the kids and I could do together. Two girls 8th and 4th grade. The 8th grader is starting to take more responsibility for her own education. Fits right in to our homeschooling curriculum/theme, plus it looks like lots of goodies for mom with menu palnner etc… Thanks for the offer.

  37. I would like to win this, because it will fit in nicely with my Mom Manual, which is a notebook that I put together for myself to keep track of our important household and homeschooling information.

  38. I would love this! This is my first year homeschooling. I have boys 12 & 8 and twin 4 year old girls. I have no idea where to start organizing. I keep trying different things together and it all seems so overwhelming! Something that is tried and true would be awesome!

  39. I’d like to win because I could use a cool homeschool planner; also because my sister just moved away & winning would cheer me up just a little bit : )

  40. I”m new at this Homeschooling Adventure and all help in making it successful is greatly appreciated. I’m trying my best to be on top of things and organized, however that is always not the case. I’ve seen many reviews on this and I would love to incorporate it in my this new adventure to make things a lil’ easier.

  41. I REALLY need to win this contest! Home schooling three awesome kids is lots of fun, but trying to keep up with everyone’s different activities and assignments can take me all day!! I’d love some help staying on track! My husband would love for me to win, too! 😉

  42. Wow – how do you guys chose a winner! It’s a mission to get organized hey? All the best all you wonderful homeschooling Mums (Moms!)

  43. I would love to win this because I have been eyeing it 🙂 I am wanting to start record keeping from the beginning so by the time it is required I am proficient at the task 🙂

  44. First year homeschooling here, and I think I’m gonna need some more help! This is a little tougher than I thought it’d be!!

  45. This is my first year doing homeschool and I am finding myself a little bit disorganized, even though I am generally a very organized person! I need a little help, so I would love to win this planner! I am sure whoever does win it will be thrilled, though!

  46. I would love to win this to help us with our new homeschooling venture. I was able to quit my job last month so am lucky enough to homeschool my daughter now!

  47. I’d love to win this planner, this is our second year homeschooling. I’ve learned to write all plans in pencil but this planner seems to have everything in it and more to make record keeping easier. I’m wanting to try out the parent edition before trying out the student ed. for my son wgo will ne a 5th grager next year.

  48. I would love to win this planner! I’m new to homeschooling and would love to have this planner, created by a seasoned homeschooling mom, in which to organize everything. Great giveaway!!

  49. I would be oh-so-delighted to win a copy of this!!! I am new to homeschooling and I have a newborn at home so organizing my daughter’s schooling is a bit overwhelming–I think this would be an incredible tool to make this process smoother and less stressful.

  50. I have been searching for the perfect planner. Love that it is PDF form! Also like the fact that it is reusable :)!

  51. I am new to homeschooling and am a stickler for organization. this would be so great to have one of these planners for a newbie!

  52. I am a homeschool mama of 6 and organization is one of those gifts that God thought I could do without 🙂 I would love to win this and personalize it to our busy family!

  53. I’ve seen a few different homeschool planners & by far this is the best one! I would LOVE to have this for when I start homeschooling my son next year. He’s still too young to start (he’ll be 3 next month), but I’m gathering as much info & materials as I can so I’m nice & ready to start when he’s ready, & this would be a nice addition to my little homeschool collection I’ve started.

  54. I would love to win this planner. It is our first year homeschooling and I need to get the organization down before next year when I will have a 9th grader and organization/records are more important. 🙂

  55. I would like to win this so I can get it all together. I have a baby due next month, a potty trainee and a Preschooler. It’s going to be a hectic ride! A blessing non the less! 🙂

  56. I would love to win this planner because I have not found just the right one yet, and this is my 3rd year homeschooling. I also love Jolanthe’s work, and can’t imagine that this would fall short of my needs/expectations.

  57. I would love to win the organizer, because that, I am not!! I was telling my friend last night how I just can’t seem to get organized this year. My son piped in and said “mom you have had that problem for 3 years now.”

  58. Hi, my name is Amanda, I like to win, because I am a single mother of 3 an 8yr old young man full of energy and 15 mnth old twins ( boy and girl) I am currently going for disability for fibromyalgia and a few spinal diseases plus other conditio ns that follow, and are extremrly limited on funds, but I felt homeschooling was best for my children they could learn from myself and learn the lords way, he never gives us more then we can handle and carries the rest upon his shoulders. I thank you greatly for giving me a chance to tell my story and post to your wonderful site,
    Fibromyalgia awareness day May 12th wear your purple ribbons

  59. This is my first year of homeschooling, and I am having a great time teaching my two boys, but I am exhausted! I am having a hard time balancing all my other responsibilities like church callings, housework, coaching (soccer), and preparing meals. I need help!!

  60. I am going to have a baby any day now and have two kids I am homeschooling. Being organized would be great!! I am a little nervous about how I am going to do that.

  61. I would love this planner! My oldest is starting Kindergarten this year. I also have two in preschool and an almost one year old. I would love a way to organize the kindergarten and preschool lessons.

  62. As a mom of three, organization is so important. Unfortunately, it’s not my strong point. Winning this planner would help me greatly with that! This homeschooling mom can use all the help she can get. lol Thank you!

  63. hi! this is my first year homeschooling and I have no idea what i got myself into!!! Trying to teach my son and taking care of his baby sister and maintain our household (meals, cleaning, laundry, budgeting). The Home school Planner would be much appreciated and put to good use. Good luck to everyone I know we could all use it. and thank you for this giveaway.

  64. Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to win this planner. This is our first official year of homeschooling. We are missionaries overseas and with the cost of shipping so high,this planner pdf file would be wonderful.

  65. This planner has gotten so many wonderful reviews! I would love the blessed opportunity to use it this year. If that isn’t the case it will be at the top of my “Purchase” list for next year, as my school budget has already been spent this year.

  66. I so need some help getting organized! We just started this year officially with a Kindergartner but her younger sister is following along so I am doing two. And we have a 1 year old at home too, so I have no brain. I need to write things down to remember them! 🙂

  67. I’m trying to get started homeschooling, and could use all of the help that I could get 🙂 One thing that I struggle with is organization. It would be so helpful to have an actual planner to write down the things that we need to do.

  68. I am a professional organizer as well as a homeschooling mom in the Southern California area. Many of my clients are also homeschooling families. I would love to review this planner and be able to use it with my family as well as recommend it to my clients.

  69. I would love to win this because we have four kiddos and sometimes it seems like we are going in all different directions. Plus my dear hubby is between jobs, so unless its a necessity, it isn’t being purchased these days. Thanks for the consideration.

  70. This is my first year homeschooling my daughter. I am always looking for ways to be organized. I may have to purchase this if I do not win. I just ran across your FB page and am loving it already.

  71. I am a first time homeschooler with my son in first grade. This year is a little intimidating to me and having a planner that was created by someone who has experienced and put together the best of what is needed in getting organized would be an awesome tool.

  72. I would love to win this planner because it’s my first year homeschooling and I’m feeling completely frazzled! I want to get organized so bad and I just don’t know where to start! I think this planner would be a great tool to get me where I need to be!

  73. I would love to have this. I am new to homeschooling and trying to figure out the best way to organize my activities along with my daughters schooling and my 2 others children’s activities. I have looked at some of the planners and either I run into that they want a fortune for them or there is more in there than I need. Thank you for the giveaway.

  74. I would love to win this homeschool organizer because I homeschool three children and I always seem to overlook something. I try very hard to be organized, but I constantly have to readdress items because I missed them the first time around. Not a very efficient way to accomplish something. Thank you for the chance win this helpful tool.

  75. I would love to win because I love to be organized, but have yet to find and system/planner that is working for us. Iwould love to win this planner and get on the road to being super duper prganized!

  76. This is my first year homeschooling! My son is in the 6th grade & had a really tough time last year so we decided to try a new learning enviroment. So I jumped in! It has been a learning experience for us all! I have 2 girls still in public school & a toddler at home & now my son homeschooling. I think this planner would really help us get organized & scheduled & set boundaries! What a neat tool!

  77. I would love to win this to add to our family binder to keep better track of our school planning separately from our regular family schedule.

  78. Hi,

    I have three little ones at home that I am homeschooling. They are all at different levels so this planner would be amazing in helping me keep everything straight! The stree of planning three different “classes” sometimes feels overwhelming but this would certainly help alot, Thanks for the chance to win it 🙂

    [email protected]

  79. I would LOVE to win because I homeschool in Pennsylvania, and the requirements and red tape in this state in relation to homeschooling is CRAZY! You have to be organized. I am homeschooling 3 kids, one in elementary, one in middle and one in high school. My paper work and schedule is overwhelming sometimes. This organizer would really be a blessing. (:
    Thank you. ~Susan

  80. I would like to win because i have try to get organized for the last two years. I have three children that i am currently homeschooling. It becomes difficult to stay organized when each is doing a different grade. I have not found a good planner that works for me. I have even tried buy three, one for each child, I quickly learned that was a waste of money and much frustration. This sounds like a planner that would work for us. I also like the fact that i can keep in on my laptop which is our central station.

  81. I shared on facebook! I’ve been homeschooling for eleven years, but I’ve always been so organized until this year when I started taking college courses. The entire household would benefit greatly form this system.

  82. This sound so wonderful! The ability to do it completely on the computer would be so cool and the layout so much less complicated than other online things I have looked at.

  83. I would love to win this to help me get organized for homeschooling. We’re just starting down the path to (hopefully) homeschooling our children all the way through high school. I need a lot of organization and planning to keep on track with anything, or I quickly get overwhelmed. Hoping that a system like this would help with that as we get started!

  84. I am the most unorganized person in the entire world! And with a family of 10, it’s quite the burden! I have been seriously working on changing this character trait, so winner this planner would be another step in the right direction!

  85. I would love to win this planner. I am attempting, by the Grace of God, to homeschool my four boys while I am in school for nursing. This would be one more tool in my belt.

  86. Because I’m a rookie to this homeschooling business and need all the help I can get. Including a way to stay organized and keep records! 🙂

  87. Winning this planner would help me start down the path of organization for our homeschool. I am normally an organized person, however, homeschooling seems to be the one area that I can’t get organized. I know that it is important and I feel that this organizer will help me get organized and stay organized from now through the high school years (which are coming faster than expected YIKES!)

  88. I would love to win this. I’m needing help getting organized because I’m really struggling this yr. I have a 2nd, 4th, and 6th grader. They will all be starting vision therapy soon. My oldest has dyslexia and dysgraphia. My youngest is going to a naturopathic center to see if we can figure out ways to help w/her wiggles & behavior. Plus, my dad just lost his battle w/liver cancer & my mom has been really ill & is 84 lbs. I’m trying to figure out how to “fit it all in” and keep my sanity…

  89. As a momma who is brand new to homeschooling, I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything. What a blessing it would be to have such an amazing organizational tool! Good luck everyone!!

  90. I would love to win this planner. I am trying to get things organized for my son, who will be starting preschool next fall…I think that this would be just the thing to organize everything and have myself all put together and know what and when we are going to do something! I agree with other posts on here that say that they dont want to waste a bunch of money just to find out that something isnt right for them. I think that this would be perfect for us!

  91. I would dearly love this planner. I have several notebooks with notes and lessons, etc… but wish to have an organized planner such as this! Thanks for this opportunity =)

  92. I would LOVE this organizational planner! I am starting to gather my thoughts/information to homeschool our five year old. Organization does not come naturally & am finding myself a bit overwhelmed at keeping it all together.

  93. I would love to use this planner! I am also a first year homeschooler. My son in is a special needs student and needs very clear and defined structure. This planner would help me create that structure and optimize his learning!!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity and have a great weekend!!

    Steph 🙂

  94. This is our first year homeschooling and I am very nervous about getting everything right. I can use all the help I can get, this would be a great product for us to have. Thanks for letting me know about it!


  95. I am new to homeschooling and it hasn’t been easy with four boys. I would love to win this gift just so I can be more planned out for the days to give me more time at night to just relax and read, watch a movie, and love them.

  96. I would love to have this as its our first year and I have been planning everything out by hand. Ty for the giveaway 🙂

  97. Would love to win this organizer to have all my “to do lists” in one place, and all my activities centralized in one spot.

  98. HI,
    I would like to win this planner because I am just starting out homeschooling my preschool daughter. Also in the midst of starting a mom’s homeschool support group at my church, I would like to review this resource to suggest to other moms. Looks great. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Brooke 🙂

  99. I would love to win this planner! There are many reasons other than the fact that I am a highly competitive person and love to win goodies but also For the mere reason that I just become a home school mom about 4 hours ago! My kids just finished their last day of public school and we will begin our new adventure on Monday. I am extremely excited but also very nervous. This would be a tool that would help me get a great start! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  100. I’d like to win because we’re complete newbies at homeschooling this year, on an extremely tight budget. We could definitely use this long-lasting organizational resource.

  101. I would love to be able to win this for my daughter-in-law Sarah Bradshaw, she posted #153, #154 and #155. As you can see she really would love to have such an awesome tool to assist her with homeschooling the most awesome girls ever…my granddaughters! = )

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