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I turned to this in desperation when my fifth grader still couldn't remember the facts we had been trying to memorize for three years. She is a "words" person, and the stories instantly helped her. She really could use her facts successfully in a very short time, like hours for some, and a week for others. I used this to tutor another girl who made huge strides in only the first session. My sons who came later did not have trouble memorizing their facts, and didn't want the added distraction of something like this. To them it seemed it was another step they didn't need. I love that even very young children can learn the stories and then later connect the facts they are learning with the process behind the multiplication. I think this is best used for students who have been taught multiplication thoroughly and seem to need " another angle" to help them get the memorization down. This company is fabulous. We love their Clean and Flip colorful laminated charts, too! The Math Memory Triggers are helpful as well.
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Makes it click for some who didn't memorize them the first time, materials can be very portable. Affordable.
"Wired for numbers" folks don't like this method.
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