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I got this for my 4th grade daughter who has struggled with multiplication for over a year due to dyscalculia and reversing numbers. I admit, I was skeptical... Nothing had worked and she was getting frustrated and so was I. But, we decided to give it a try. She watched the part 1 video. I never would have thought to use characters and stories to teach but figured, lets see how this works. 10 days later... I gave her the part one quiz (I bought the digital download and it comes with pdf printable worksheets and quizzes) and she got them all. First time, no tears.
I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it has been a lifesaver for us and is helping to restore my daughters confidence in math.
My kindergarten son isn't doing multiplication yet obviously, but he was watching over her shoulder and he even picked up a few without us even really trying.

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Helps Overcome Dyscalculia
Doesnt cover the 12s
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