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Teaching Textbooks Geometry
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I am LOVING Teaching Textbooks Geometry for my son! He struggles with math compared to other subjects and gets frustrated very easily. This is the first math curriculum he has ever used that did not have him and me both in tears at least twice a month. The lessons are super easy to follow, the concepts are explained very clearly and there is help for when he gets stuck. There is a "hint" button that usually gives him enough info to figure out what he needs to do, but if not, he can view the solution (on practice problems) to see where he went wrong. Of course, I personally LOVE that my son is entirely independent with this math program and that it grades itself. I can log into the grade book anytime and see how he's doing. The grade book itself is very flexible. It lets the parent change scores if needed, or, my favorite, mark a problem as not completed so the student can go back and try it again. I did have to call the company when I first bought the software because I bought it used and needed a new registration key. They do not mind you reselling the software and will give a new key out to the person who buys it! They were great to deal with. Of course, all of these awesome things come at a price. Even used it was a bit on the expensive side. It was worth it though!
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