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Story of the World Volume 1
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I've used all four Story of the World books while homeschooling my oldest four children (currently 5th-11th grades). Some of them read straight through Story of the World, and others used random parts and pieces. *I* learned gobs of history my teachers left out on our first pass through the series.

They were bedtime stories for my now teenagers, and they have many fond memories of snuggling up with a Story of the World book. They adored these books! We didn't have any of the activity guides then, so it was all reading and discussion. We'd do extra movies and library books as it suited us. They loved history. My younger kids have both read through large portions, or we just grabbed the one particular story we needed. One summer they just read through one volume themselves.

This collection is a gem of a resource to have on the shelf even if it isn't your main history curriculum. Story of the World worked fabulous for K-4th grade kids, especially if you'd like to get away from the typical social studies or only American history topics that are more typical of books written for this age. Around 5th grade I could assign portions, but they were starting to raise eyebrows at the tone meant for younger kids. By 6th grade they were pretty much offended by it. LOL We moved to more mature books for the next round of history.
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thorough, engaging, super easy to use
Kids may become history know-it-alls
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