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  • Botany Notebooking Bundle


    This Botany Notebooking Bundle is perfect for summer for children of all ages! Simply vary the amount of reading and writing required for each child in order to personalize this bundle for use by students of different ages. If you have very young children, you can even use narration and dictation to make the bundle a great learning opportunity for them. And older children will be able to use these resources without much help at all!




  • Florida and the Sebastian Island Inlet Unit Study


    This 55-page unit study is all about Florida and the Sebastian Island Inlet! It includes information about plants, animals, bioluminescence, and lots more!

  • Free Sharks Workbook During Shark Week

    The Wonderful World of Sharks Workbook


    Shark Week just got more exciting! Add this easy-to-use unit study to your homeschool during shark week or anytime during the year!  This mini-unit is in workbook format which provides study information and easy-to-complete workbook pages to fill in. Beautiful and colorful illustrations bring sharks to life and will entice even the most reluctant learner. Begins with shark anatomy and ends with habitat and behavior. This is a 20-page PDF format digital download product for printing from your personal computer.

  • My Travel Journal


    Taking a vacation or traveling? Make it a fun learning experience with this 10 page Notebooking Journal. Your child will log their thoughts, memories and learning experiences while on vacation. Begins with itinerary, checklist, budget planning and pre-journey research pages and ends with mapping, things I’ve learned, free write and planning your next journey pages. Daily pages help your child log their day to day experience and can be printed multiple times for as many days need for their journey.

  • Free Printable Valentine Cards

    Love You to the Moon- Free Printable Valentines


    You will L-O-V-E love these free printable valentine cards! There are 12 large cards in this digital PDF download. You can use them for family and friends alike.  Simply print on your choice of card stock or plain paper, trim, fold, and write a short message on the inside!


  • Valentine Freebie!

    Love You More than the Stars- Valentine Freebie


    This set of 12 cards is our Valentine’s Day freebie just for you! So print out just one page or print them all out. It’s up to you! If you want to make Valentine’s Day last a little longer for your sweetheart, print the entire set and hide them in various places over the next several days. Have fun! This is a PDF digital download.

  • Be Mine Valentine tags

    Be Mine Valentine Tags


    These 4 pages of Valentine’s Day tags can be used as stickers, “to and from” tags on gifts, or even as small cards–just print them out and write messages on the backs! This is a 4-page PDF digitial download that you may print once or multiple times!


  • Middle School Writing Rubric


    Use this free middle school writing rubric to aid you is giving feedback, grading or editing your child’s middle school papers. This is a free digital download PDF.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Copywork

    Leonardo Da Vinci Copywork


    This copywork quote compliments any Leonardo Da Vinci unit or mini study. It is a 4 page digital download PDF. It’s primary use is writing practice. Includes both cursive and manuscript pages, 2 each.


  • Tangram Lesson Plan

    Tangram Lesson Plan


    This 16 page PDF digital download lesson plan includes instructions for teaching a lesson on tangrams from beginning to end. Begin your lesson with a good book then make tangrams, teach math concepts and vocabulary and solve tangram puzzles all in a day’s math lesson. Why not use this fun Chinese puzzle to change up math and make it fun!

  • Ice Age Animal Notebook Page

    Ice Age Notebook Page


    Use this free Ice Age Notebook Page to record or write about any Ice Age animal of your choice. Lines provide space for recording facts or writing a paragraph or small mini report. Print and use only once or multiple times. Compliments any Pre-history study or unit. This is a single page digital PDF Download.


  • Snow Queen Copywork

    Snow Queen Copywork


    Copywork for The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

    These copywork pages compliment the treasured fairy tale story by Hans Christian Anderson. Both cursive and manuscript options, 4 pages of each, are included. This enables you to work on handwriting practice with multiples ages while readying the same literature selection. This 8 page total PDF is for digital download only, story not included.


  • Wizard of Of Copywork

    Wizard of Oz Copywork


    The quotes were selected as both memorable parts of the story and special highlights for each character. This freebie is 10 pages long and includes quotes from: Dorthy, the Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Woodman, Oz, and the Wicked Witch as well as excerpts from memorable events in the story! 10 page PDF digital download.

  • Free Penguin Notebook Pages

    Penguin Notebook Pages


    Use these Free Penguin Notebook Pages to supplement any penguin unit. Children record what they’ve learned about penguins on the fact sheet and free write on the remaining two pages for a science unit or project. You can print one, all or multiple many times for a variety of uses. This is a 3 page digital download PDF.


  • Artist Notebook Pages

    Artist Notebook Pages


    Artist Notebook Pages

    Study the master artists in your homeschool with this 10 page printable pack. These Artist Notebook Pages are designed for your child to fill out and utilize as they learn about any great artist. The sheets offer flexibility and structure to begin any unit of learning on an artist.

  • Around the World Notebook Pages

    Around the World Notebook Pages


    12 beautifully designed, unique pages for students to record their research on any world nation. Topics covered include basic facts, mapping location, demographics, topography, history, vocabulary, economy, landmarks, arts and culture, science, and more! This is a 14 page PDF digital download recommended for 4th gr. and up. Light color can be printed in black and white for economical printing.