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Seekers of the Lost Boy
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I can see this book becoming a classic in South African homeschooling families, and even overseas where families want to get to know South Africa a little better! Seekers of the Lost Boy gives a view of modern life in the Cape Town area, and gently exposes children to South Africa's history as the book's characters discover it for themselves. Beautiful, truthful, reconcilatory and full of hope. The book's characters are well developed and leave the readers wanting to follow their lives more! The unit study gives homeschoolers a chance to dive deeper into the themes that the novel brings up - including oceans, geography, history, social studies. Well worth getting both!
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This was a brilliant way for us to talk as a family about South Africa's history. It is a well written book that my hubby and I both enjoyed reading before we gave it to our kids, who have reread it a few times!
Needs a sequel!
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I have bought a few copies as gifts - brilliant for our many expat friends!
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