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My kids & and I loved this curriculum. I recommend it to everyone. My son completed all levels except The Geometric Approach. He started in Saxon 7/6 two months before his 4th grade year was up. He just now finished it two months before his 5th grade year was up and has started Saxon 8/7. He made a 95% in Saxon 7/6. He was only able to move onto higher level math and do so well because of the awesome foundation that RightStart gave him. We still play the games at times to have fun and keep the mental math sharp and quick. My daughter is special needs and used Level B thru The Geometric Approach. It took her longer to do the lessons, but she understood them. She started in another program and was crying every day, "I hate math." I have a BSEE and an MBA and my husband has a BSEE, so we couldn't have her hating math. When we switched to RightStart part way into 1st grade she went from "hating math" to "loving math." I tried The Geometric Approach with her, but she just wasn't getting it. And I even tried some of the drawings and couldn't get what was asked. After a year of struggle and many more lessons still left in the book, we gave up and I vowed not to teach it to my next child. She did well in the geometry lessons, of the earlier books and has done well in the geometry lessons in Saxon, so I don't think it's her. She is now in high school and working thru Algebra 1. She's slow at it, but is making a low A. I know her understanding is because of the foundation of RightStart. And when things don't click, we just go back to the basics of RightStart and work up. We all love RightStart, except for The Geometric Approach.
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The best and only elementary math that makes math fun and easy to understand!
Needs an F version that works more on fractions and decimals. Geometric Approach needs a different approach, but all other levels are great!
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Most definitely!
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