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Review: iTunes App ~ A Lion and a Whale Can Dance

A Lion and a Whale Can Dance is an interactive story of two unusual friends who find one another on a mystical island far, far away. This read aloud or alone book app is rated for ages 4+, and can be used on the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

My six-year-old daughter loves her interactive book apps for my iPad so, when given the opportunity to review this one, I knew I had to jump on it! This book has a calm, soothing tone to it which is great to keep your child engaged but not get them all wound up! I have to thank the folks from Arcade Sunshine Media for giving me the chance to review this app in exchange for my honest review!

* read yourself or have it read to you
* unique and interesting illustrations
* fun critter search (like a search and find) throughout the book which can be reset
* we loved the days of the week “rhyme” that each of the two main characters said with their own twists

* sometimes the moving critters and their noises can distract from the story
* to turn the pages you have to tap the corners, not hold and glide like my daughter is used to

The book is long enough to hold their attention for a bit, but not so long they lose interest. All in all this is a great interactive story app to add to your child’s collection!  Check out A Lion and a Whale Can Dance here.