Around the World Notebook Pages


12 beautifully designed, unique pages for students to record their research on any world nation. Topics covered include basic facts, mapping location, demographics, topography, history, vocabulary, economy, landmarks, arts and culture, science, and more! This is a 14 page PDF digital download recommended for 4th gr. and up. Light color can be printed in black and white for economical printing.

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Around the World Notebook Pages

Whether you plan to journey around the world this year in your homeschool or just study one or two countries, these are the perfect geography notebooking pages for your student to learn about the countries of the world. Either way, you can use Around the World Notebook Pages year after year for multiple children making them very affordable. The pages give space for all the basic information you will want your student to research plus a flexible format affording extra space throughout for them to record what they think is important -making it truly their own work!

12 Geography Notebooking Pages Include: 

  1. Statistics -Records population, capital city, largest city,  official language, government, currency, area, population, emblems, flag, etc.
  2. Location – Designates a country’s location, longitude and latitude, climate and climate zones, and other territories.
  3. Topography & Nature – Record high and low elevations, rivers, lakes, jungle, deserts, flora and fauna, wildlife, and more.
  4. Culture and Demographics – Record religions, cultural traditions, ethic groups, literacy, art & culture, foods, and sports a nation.
  5. History – Includes a mini timeline, event list, and portrait of history for related sketch.
  6. Biography – Write a short biography on a person of interest.
  7. Economy & Industry – Records currency, exports and imports, crops, industry, tourism, and more.
  8. Art & Artifacts – This page offers space for getting creative. Students can draw, list or create a collage of the country’s famous art pieces or historical artifacts.
  9. Landmarks – Students can have fun with this space! Make a word collage of famous places and landmarks. Or instead, they can just draw their favorite.
  10. Vocabulary – List new vocabulary learned during their research.
  11.  Science & Technology – This table gives students and place to record various discoveries and technologies, who discovered them, when, and their significance.
  12. Mapping – This page is for students to draw a more detailed map of the country if desired.

Ways to Use these Around the World Notebook Pages:

  • Study homes around the world.
  • Taste or make foods from around the world.
  • Stamp your child’s “passport” as they complete their pages.
  • Create a salt map of a country.
  • Put together a book of Nations.
  • Discover Holidays celebrated in other nations.
  • Or browse these wonderful books for a resource that is right for your family:


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