2018-2019 Student Planner


Give your children academic independence and control of their homeschool day! This is a complete 219 page printable PDF download covering  79  weeks of assignments from August 2018 to December 2019. Designed for homeschoolers, it offers areas for year round use. It also contains pages for personalization, field trip planning, extracurricular plans, goals, and much more! Weekly pages are Sunday through Saturday format.

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The HHM 2018-2019 Student Planner

Your children will gain independence and organizational skills using our 2018-2019 Student Planner. This planner was designed for homeschoolers and offers year-round planning pages. It is perfect for all learning styles and methods and can be used with a variety of ages and grade levels. And the handy checklist format makes it easy for your children to keep track of completed assignments each day. If your children are ready to begin taking more control over their own school work and schedules, this planner will be a helpful resource for them.

 2018-2019 Student Planner Contents

  • Ownership Page- Area for name and basic info.
  • Personalization page- Space for adding personal interests and favorites.
  • Birthday Pages- 12 month areas on two pages for listing birthdays to remember.
  • Weekly Schedule- Area for listing class schedule for each semester.
  • Reading Logs- Two reading log pages for recording books read–includes rating section.
  • Field Trip Planning Page-  Page for recording field trip info as wll as a section for parent assessment.
  • Field Trip Assessment Page- Page for student assessment of the trip and a brief written review.
  • Weekly Schedule Page- Area to list student courses and academics for the semester; can print multiple pages for weekly use.
  • School Activities Page- Area to list students’ activities for the semester; can print multiple pages for weekly use.
  • Practice Schedule Page- Area to lists students’ music, athletic, or other extracurricular practices for the semester; can print multiple pages for weekly use.
  • Goals for the Year- A page for listing yearly goals.
  • Assignment Schedule Page- This page takes an overall look at assignments for the year–similar to a syllabus.
  • To Do Checklist- Checklist for listing things to do.
  • Notes- Extra writing space.
  • Year at a Glance 2018 and 2019- Calendar page for referencing dates.
  • Monthly Calendar Planning Pages- 3 ring notebook style pages; includes 17 months–July 2018 to December 2019.
  • Weekly Planner/ Assignment Pages- Sunday through Monday format; includes 79 weeks–July 2018 to December 2019.

What I like best about this 2018-2019 Student Planner

As a homeschool mom, I love the year-round feature and weekend components of this planner. Extremely thorough and complete, it is unlikely you will find a student planner to match it. I also appreciate its streamlined approach to each day offered by the checklist structure for daily assignments and activities as opposed to a lengthy description with locked-in subject areas. It is a flexible but structured approach which guides your children simply and effectively to complete their work each day.

My favorite feature…

The field trip pages alone are a prize. I particularly like the format and straight-forward approach to field trip coordination and planning. I also love the “after thought” areas of assessment that these pages offer. You could print these pages multiples times for multiple field trip days. In addition, these pages keep records of each and every trip as well as aid you in keeping up with what you and your children got out of  the experience!

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