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Oak Meadow
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A wonderfully creative approach to learning the subject matter. Great math games and rhymes that I'm sure were more commonplace in schools decades ago. It really helps the parent with ideas on how to teach. I loved the flow of the curriculum and it seemed pretty well-suited to the age level. The only thing I wished for was more practice and review for things like math and grammar. I spent A LOT of my own time making up math problems and grammar exercises. Perhaps there could be an online OM source with extra practice specific for each grade and lesson that OM families could login and print off? That option would've made this curriculum absolutely fantastic! Also, I found that following the curriculum involved a lot of time with me being with the student constantly. If I had only one child, I would prefer that but I have four homeschooling and a baby. I needed some more self-directed days, so I had to supplement my curriculum with other curriculum. And at the price of the OM curriculum, I had really hoped not to have to do that!
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creative, fun
not really self-directed, not enough exercises written out
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