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Oak Meadow
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I found Oak Meadow just before our 4th grade year and decided to give it a try. In hind sight I should have used the 3rd grade level as we weren't familiar with the curriculum. I decided not to because 3rd grade covers ancients and we had already done that. 4th grade level moves into independent learning and the syllabus is written to the student which I really liked, but it is heavy of writing which my son did not have very much experience with (and he doesn't like to write) so this was a struggle. I love that the curriculum uses a lot of nature study in many subjects and includes hands on activities and long term projects. It does not require additional work, but you can easily add in other activities if you want to such as subject related lapbooks. There is not a "checklist" type system, the syllabus is organized by week with all of that weeks activities listed by subject and you have to organize what should be completed each day. The math book is purchased separately so you can alter the level of math based on skill level and not grade.
Grade levels used
Transition to independent work, Reggio feel, art/nature study included, independent math levels
Heavy on parent involvement
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