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Besides the great Christian world view content, which made me feel secure in letting him read on his own, it was the format I enjoyed. Each chapter is a short enough bite, he was able to read and do the work without my assistance, which not only helped him feel more independent, but encouraged that behavior. I would just let him know which of the activities I wanted him to accomplish that day and he was off. The questions in the review were enough to let me know he actually read it : ), without bogging him down and making the subject dreary. My only complaint was I would have liked a few more books to read, with questions. But, I just found, so that need is filled. I can give him a couple more, and higher level readers, to go along with the material. Another thing I like about the flow of Notgrass, is that there is room for our own deviation and exploration. Other programs are so full, you can't add on as your own interests percolate. I intend to use Notgrass the rest of his schooling - until college.

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