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We have been introducing this slowly since we were focusing on other things at the beginning of K. Miquon Math has add ons and great teacher helps that can be purchased (which I did). I have the Orange Workbook, Cuisenaire Rods (we play with those often), Notes to Teacher, First Grade Diary, Lab Sheet Annotations. I am glad I bought the Lab Sheet Annotations as it makes the workbook so much more valuable with examples and instruction. The First Grade Diary I probably could have lived without as it is written more for a classroom setting, however it is full of some great ideas too and I may find myself going back to it more as we get further into the workbook.

I am still figuring out how mine learns best and this program seems to be something that could work with different styles.

A nice thing about the Lab Sheet Annotations is that it covers all the workbooks so as we continue with this program I only need to order the next workbook. I would strongly suggest ordering the Lab Sheet Annotations to get the most out of the workbooks.

I love that these are labeled by color, the child does not have a grade level listed and I could see this being a big benefit for a child who is a bit behind or someone with multiple kids and has an older one behind that is sensitive to that.
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