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This is easy even for the homeschool parent who didn't ever study French, because the audio CD does the pronunciation and teaching, for you. The workbook is straightforward, and this is the same classic vocabulary-building and phrase-learning system most people remember from high school foreign language classes...which most people never actually learned to speak much, in that language, with. But it's a start, and perfectly adequate.

I did notice that the French pronunciation on the CD had a very distinctive and emphatic /r/ sound, which might be because they are trying to emphasize that sound for those learning, but it does not sound like a native French speaker, unless there is a place in France where people do use such an amount of emphasis on the /r/. Normally, when you hear Parisian French, the phrase 'au revoir' does not sound like it has 3 distinct syllables, but in this audio CD, it does. Again, that may be purposeful, in order to enunciate the sound clearly to the nonnative learner.

At any rate, anyone who does not speak French, may use this curriculum as a stand-alone introductory class, and seek more intensive training elsewhere.
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Easy to use, straightforward
Good as an introduction, but won't make anyone a conversationalist
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