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Math You See
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I have ONLY used Math-U-See in our homeschool and have not researched any other math curriculum. That said, my kids and I LOVE Math-U-See. As someone with a minor in mathematics, Math-U-See is how math SHOULD be taught in school. I was the kid who wanted to know the WHY of math (which is actually important) and Math-U-See gives that. I actually can't wait to get into higher mathematics with Math-U-See that I NEVER understood. With Math-U-See I feel like all the blanks I never understood or never had explained during my schooling years (public and private, Kinder thru College) and because of Math-U-See I now have a better understanding and grasp of mathematics!
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Explains the WHY of math
Sometimes Mr. Steve makes a mistake in the video, however, he usually corrects himself. This COULD cause some confusion with the student. The parent/teacher, however, can pause the video and give the correction.
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