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We have used MUS starter with the Primer for my now 9yo. Typically for each of the 30 lessons there are 3 practice sheets, 3 review sheets, an application/enrichment page, and a test. For each lesson we watch the video together and then work through the 1st practice sheet. Then depending on how much the "get it" in subsequent days we will move through the rest of the sheets typically skipping the other 2 practice sheets and 1 or 2 of the reviews before the test. Sometimes I feel that the application/enrichment pages are busywork so we just skip those. When my boys started primer they were still learning to form their numbers and since there is not much number writing practice I bought a set of dotted stamps, let them select the correct answer then practice writing. We plan on continuing on sticking with MUS through high school.
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Helps kids (and adults!) to visualize math
workbooks are black and white
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