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Math You See
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This is one of those programs that may work for some people and not others. It didn't work for us. While my son did LOVE the dvd's for Alpha the work itself was just not what he was interested in, he had started with singapore math in kindergarten and moving to this with him was a huge mistake, way different way of teaching and the manipulatives made no sense to him whatsoever. For my daughter we tried starting her with Primer and she was just really not interested in the DVDs and only wanted to build houses with the blocks. Bummed it didn't work for us since my son likes the DVDs, but it works for most people so it is what it is, maybe just not the right program to go to after starting with a different one.
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DVD instruction is really good Steve Demme really appeals to the kids
way too expensive, manipulative intensive
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Maybe for some people
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