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This mastery-based curriculum effectively teaches math concepts and skills. We've been using this curricula since my daughter was a toddler (Prima). She zipped through the first couple books. She always asks me to start the next level even though some concepts are difficult. She's 8 years old and will start ZETA next year. She retains MOST of the information taught. The more advanced concepts may require extra practice, but MUS has an Online Worksheet Generator to help you with this. My daughter watches Steve's video lessons with me and sometimes independently. The concepts taught have given her a strong foundation in Math and prepped her for advance math courses. I believe the math manipulatives are essential especially when working with younger learners - they help reinforce and solidify their learning concretely making it easier to move into abstract thinking. They may eventually outgrow the blocks. :) She uses them for the first couple pages and then only uses them when needed during systematic review. Yep! The curricula includes built-in review, tests, unit tests, and enrichment pages. There a fewer problems to complete in a day when compared to other curricula options which makes the lesson more manageable. You can work at your child's individualized pace . . . slowing it down if needed or speeding it up if the materials is already mastered. We love this curriculum!
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Systematically Taught; Strong Math Foundation
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