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Can not speak highly enough of Math Mammoth. This curriculum is super affordable. My son is so into math and he thoroughly enjoys MM. We like the way topics are covered and the layout of the book. The digital format is not my favorite but I got it for cheap during a sale so I really can't complain, but once we finish off the next level we will buy the bound workbook instead, variety is nice and atleast it has it so it can appeal to multiple types of people. The pages aren't cluttered with alot of pictures which may bug some people but my son gets so distracted when there is a lot of unneeded things on a page so it helps us alot. Sometimes if there are a lot of problems I make him do enough to show mastery and then move on so he doesn't get fatigued but otherwise it's perfect. SO glad I found MM, I wasted so much time and money on the wrong curriculum!
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