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We wasted nearly 2 years using other math programs, thinking my son just didn't 'get it' or like math much.
On a spur, we decided to try Math Mammoth & haven't gone back! I wish we could turn back the clock & take back those first 2 years.

This curriculum is extremely easy to use, once your student is reading well, they can work independently. The topics are covered in a spiral fashion, keeping things fresh & interesting, while still covering the topic well. So well in fact, there are times we skip forward a bit on topics our son picks up quickly. But for topics he struggles with, or students that don't pick up math easily, the amount of coverage comes in very handy! I also love the cumulative reviews, it keeps those previous topics from falling by the wayside & getting forgotten. The quizes, reviews, and tests are comprehensive.

The materials themselves are easily printed in black & white. The worksheets aren't overly busy, but not completely simple either, this keeps kids engaged without being overwhelmed.

Thank you Maria Miller, for all the hard work you've put into this curriculum!
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Clear pages, lots of extra links & ideas, independent work
Can be repetative
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