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We went all out with Life of Fred, purchasing the beginning set of A-G for our younger girls and the prealgebra and algebra for our middle/high schoolers. Things seemed to be going well at first. The books were fun and the kids looked forward to math,
Trouble began when the older kids hit concepts that I didn't immediately understand. Because of the setup of the books, there wasn't a way I could just go back and look at the directions and help them. I spent lots and lots of time searching other sites to try to learn. I contacted the publisher (through an email on the site) and never received an answer.
The books for the younger girls were okay until we began getting into some of the later books. I really questioned the way that concepts were introduced. I didn't think that it allowed for time for the girls to really "get it." And I could see that at times they could get through the On Your Own section but not really understand what they had done.
It just wasn't a good fit for us.
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Fun for the kids, easy to pick up and use, non consumable so cost is less
Scattered and not focused in content; no support for higher levels
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