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How to Tame Your Thought Monster
Curriculas 3400
My daughter and I came across this book as a gift to our family. AND WHAT A GIFT THIS WAS!!!! In recent years she had been struggling quite a bit with self-esteem, developing her own voice, and having a sense of self. I had been struggling with feeling incompetent, unhelpful, and just a bit hopeless in the parenting arena. No matter what I did, she seemed like she was disappointed in herself all of the time. When we got the books, we spread them out on the floor, grabbed our crayons and read together. She immediately lit up and attached herself to Ronaldo. She thought he looked familiar. As we continued on learning about negative thoughts and feelings, she would look up and give examples of times she was being unkind to herself. We were able to reflect back and discuss how our self talk could be nicer. She drew a pair of Thought Monsters (they work together). I drew a Thought Monster and surprised myself in how free I felt after manifesting it on to paper....if you haven't already gotten these books, or explored the app, I would strongly suggest that you DO before you spend one more day being trapped in negative self talk. We don't even know we're doing it sometimes!! Our kids deserve a kind self compassionate parent. Our kids also deserve to learn these skills NOW. What a priceless gift.
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Cute, easy language for child, open space for doodles , easy concepts for adult and child
short. want more books in the series.
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