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Here to Help Learning
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Both of my daughters have been using Here To Help Learning curriculum for 5+ years. Beth's techniques are so easy to teach and so easy for the kids to understand. Her animated videos and teaching keeps the attention of both students and teachers. Both of my daughters love to write. Beth taught them both to be creative and to be proud of their writings. One of my favorite things about her teaching is that she really focuses on "publishing" their work. That can be by just reading it aloud to someone, all the way to actually putting it in book form. The affordability of this program is amazing . Here To Help Learning focuses on the whole family and they make it possible to use the program for all your children without paying a lot.
I can not recommend this program enough. If you are thinking of looking at more programs, DON'T. This program will make your children love to write. Positivity rings through. Thank you Beth for what you've done for our family.
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Extremely affordable. Easy to use. Easy to teach.
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Absolutely there is nothing out there like the program. You will love it!!
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