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I totally and completely recommend this product. The first year we did this program with our co-op and, though we used lowest level of writing (1st through 3rd) we quickly discovered that every one wrote to their level. In other words my seventh grade girl wrote long, involved stories while my fourth grader's were much shorter. Beth Mora is very entertaining and she makes learning the topics fun and simple. Both my daughter's writing skills have increased dramatically and, even though not marketed as a grammar program per se, she did a great job teaching the general mechanics of writing. It's just enough to keep my girls from being discouraged (as has happened in many other language arts programs).

Far from being just a "talking head" video you can immediately see all the hard work and creativity that went into producing this program. Bravo Beth.
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Very fun and entertaining
Uses internet and our internet is slow, BUT they now have cd's and workbooks you can purchase.
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