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CTCMath Your Online Math Curriculum

Have you heard of CTCMath? It’s been around since 2001, but many folks in the United States are learning about it for the first time since it originated in Australia. It’s a different kind of online math curriculum that many families are choosing to use with their homeschoolers. (And right now is a great time to start using it since you can save 60% on a 1-year subscription!)


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So why should you use CTCMath with your children? Here are some of the reasons it might be right for you!

  • CTCMath is perfect for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. 
  • CTCMath is multi-sensory. This means that your child will see, hear, and experience this curriculum in order to help retain what he or she learns!
    • Your child will see the problems and the solutions worked out right there on the screen.
    • He or she will hear the teacher explain each process and discuss each example and each step leading up to the solution. (And I have to admit that this part is even more fun because the teacher has an awesome Australian accent!)
    • Your child can easily follow along and use a pencil and a piece of paper (which is encouraged by the teacher) to draw and work out solutions instead of only watching as the teacher does the work. So if you’re wondering how an online curriculum can be hands-on, now you know!
  • The lessons are short.It can be hard for a student to sit for a long period of time and concentrate on a subject that takes a lot of effort! These lessons are short and easy to digest, so your student won’t dread watching and listening to a long, boring lesson.
  • Your student can learn at his/her own speed.It’s easy to rewind a lesson for review purposes or to help grasp a concept that wasn’t fully understood the first time. And best of all, the teacher doesn’t ever lose his patience or get tired of teaching the lesson over again!
  • You, the parent, can easily keep track of your child’s progress.Parents receive detailed progress reports so you’ll always know how your child is doing, where he/she needs improvement, and which skills he or she has mastered.
  • Reward certificates help your child stay motivated to keep making progress. The program includes reward certificates that you can print and present to your child.
  • Includes printable worksheets for many lessons.These worksheets help make lessons, especially those at higher levels, easier to write down in order to work out the solutions. This also helps ensure that students don’t get in a habit of simply clicking on the correct answer without doing the work and actually learning the processes needed to find the answers.

If you’d like to know what other homeschooling families have to say about CTCMath, click here to find out!

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Want more information before you make your decision?

Click here to see a demonstration lesson so you can see for yourself how CTCMath works for homeschoolers and how an actual lesson looks.

Click this link to learn more about the teacher.

Still have questions? Take a look at the CTCMath FAQ page!

Ready to sign up?

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